Stand Mixer

This is well used when I am making large batches of cinnamon rolls or other bread recipes that cannot be made in a bread machine.  I love having the dough hook so that I do not have to hurt my wrists trying to knead the dough. 

Of course I use this for mixing and whisking everything else, too!

Vita-Mix Blender

This appliance is well used in my home.  It can make anything from soup to ice cream.  It crushes ice so well you will never have any ice chunks.  What's also absolutely wonderful is the fact that it holds 8 cups!  I no longer have to make two batches of smoothies to have enough to serve my family the first time around.

Mini Measure-All Cup

The Mini Measure-All Cup measures solids and liquids up to 1 cup.
I use the solid side for almost everything...mayonnaise, ketchup, molasses, corn syrup, peanut butter, shortening, the list could go on and on.  I like the fact that I can just push up the container base and then just scrape off any remaining food.  No more trying to scrape everything out of a measuring cup.